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Trump is a bully

by on 13/11/2020

The most important issue in democracy is peaceful transfer of power between elected politicians. All the rest are relatively neglectable issues. Transfer of power not only gives to the political system chance to change trends, stop to continue with mistaken decisions, every ruler by necessary makes, but it prevents accumulation of corruption, that is innate in every political system, and raises its head, if there is no upheaval of the leadership from time to time.
I’m not surprised, Trump doesn’t accept the fact, that he lost the election. He never was good at accepting realities that didn’t suit his own personal interests. He claimed already in his election in 2016, that the only outcome of the election that he accepts is his victory. The same he said continuously in the last year. It was clear, the only way to remove him from his post of presidency is by force. What does it mean for America? What does it mean to the world. Probably it means, democracy is not a sustainable political system on the long term.
What are the alternatives? Plato said already 2400 years ago. Tyranny or Oligarchy. Trump is both. Tyran and oligarch in one person. Plato’s preferred political system was government of intellectuals, what Trump definitely isn’t. But this was just an utopia. Politics is for those who are good in manipulating political power structures, kind of political bullys. Intellectuals are not very good at it. They are frozen by their doubts. Trump is gold medalist in bullying, and thats why he is surprised not to be a winner. But eventually it seems he has overdone the bullying, thats why he lost to “Sleeping Joe”. Coalition of his victims, women, coloured people, Mexicans, intellectuals, journalists, scientists, etc. happen to be more than Trump’s cowboys, who’s life is all about bullying and been bullyed.
From now on Trump is going to bully the Republican party itself. As he declared he is candidate for 2024 elections, all the party and all the cowboys, who are the majority of the republican party, will be recruited for this aim. Anyone who is opposing Trump, will be out of republican party. So all of them will be pro Trump, who is a bully, so all the republican representatives will be bully.
Against them will be the women, coloured people, Mexicans, intellectuals, journalists, scientists, etc. He will call them communists, non Americans, even Chinese, but his base demographically is shrinking. And people who never really participated in election, went to vote, just to oppose him. And this trend will go on.

  1. IMHO the clear winners are Xi and Putin. The election proved that people don’t trust the democratic institutions and people need a strong leader to lead the country, maybe the same as in Russia or in China.
    The leader will decide what is a fact and what is a fiction – no evidence is necessary.
    If the leader says he lost 2016 popular vote because of millions illegal votes – no evidence or court ruling is necessary, the leader is right.
    If the leader says the coronavirus is a Democrats hoax – no medical evidence is necessary, the leader is right.
    If the leader says hydroxychloroquine is proper medication for coronavirus – the leader is right, does not matter what scientists are saying.

    Majority of Republican leadership without seeing any evidence believe to the words of President Trump that he won.
    Almost half of Americans believe the leader is right and no evidence is necessary to show the vote fraud.

    It looks the American experiment with democracy reached his limit.

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    • Majority of Republican leadership doesn’t believe to the words of President Trump, but are afraid to lose their job. Most of the republican party members, who are electing the candidates for posts in the Republican party, does believe to the words of President Trump.

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