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To understand Trump

by on 03/11/2020

It is acknowledged, generals, officers, journalists, doctors, social workers, teachers in schools and academy, scientists, public administrators, public workers, all these professionals are trained people, means in their curriculum is motivation for service to public. Service to public is a concept that lies outside the orbit of the zero-sum game, because in service to public you give to others rather than take from them. Gambling is a zero-sum game. Trump is a gambler, a zero sum player, and claimes, service is for “suckers”. 

This is the reason, Trump is opposed so badly and one-sidedly by all these professionally trained people, indoctrinated to serve the others. On the other hand, Trump is surrounded and supported by all these zero sum players, ready “to kill” the others for their own. The others are those with different appearance, different faith, different hobbies, different opinions, different “race”, different language, different accent. 

As to Trump supporters, the environmental problems are problems of others, social problems are problems of others, economics is to satisfy their immediate “needs”, desires. The others let them rotten, let them behind the fence. 

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