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Fable of Jerusalem

by on 10/12/2017

The right of any nation for any piece of land is derived from the capacity of a group of people to identify themselves as belonging to unique mythology that defines them and their connection to certain piece of land. If the connection of these people to this particular piece of land is strong enough, to make them to be ready to sacrifice their life, in sake of saving this particular piece of land for people, who belong to the same myth, then these people have the full right to own this land. But then what happens when more than one group of people have claime for the same land? They will try to delegitimise the other group by different claims like, who was first, or trying to claim of falsehood of the others identity. They will use ancient texts, believes, fables, fairy tales, myths they believe as if it was a massage from the All Mighty directly to their brains. They adore the ancient texts, and try to uncover mystery in those texts, interpret them with strong bias to prove their myth being right, and the other’s being a lie. But this conflict cannot be solved by proving the rightness of one claim and denying the other. It only brings claims against claim, not standing by any standard of objective measurement. It can take hundreds or thousand of years and still the same claim will be there. After almost one thousand years the Arabs still accuse the Europeans being crusaders. After more than half century the Africans accuse the White people of being colonialists.

Only complete change of collective mind state can resolve the conflict about Jerusalem. But does anyone want to change it’s state of mind? And to what, to modernity with its hedonism? Is the final aim of human culture about this?

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