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God – Programmer

by on 03/12/2017

Isn’t the fact, that the Universe is governed according the law of mathematics an oddity, and not necessity of existence? How came these laws to existence? Maybe created by some kind of programmers? Maybe the programmer made a mischief and enabled within the system under very certain conditions to come to existence life, consciousness, human intelligence all what we can observe on the earth? Maybe he is even watching his creation, that evolves independently from his original intention, to what his mischief will come too. Will it be destroyed by the humans? By wars using arms with global influence or by unrestrained population and economic growth, that will top over the cliff the system enabling uniquely on earth biological metabolism. Maybe the planetary systems life span is few billion years, but the human civilization lifespan is not more than hundred years from the present? Then the programmer will say, puff, and have a great laugh.

Isn’t it annoying to think, that the whole human creation, including Bach, Mozart, Bethoven, but also Michalangelo, Picasso or Shakespeare, you name the rest is just a bug:-?.

And more, maybe the modernity with all the sciences, economic growth, technology, processes causing inbalancing to the global system, is just part of the joke of the programer, who was too bored by the ignorance of the humans, and decided to end the game ?
Am i too bleak?

To this i would reply, the ways of “God-programmer” are incomprehensible. But again we are watching the existence from human perspective, even if systematically, with amazing instruments we developed. When religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam were created, the only perspective humanity had was at human dimension of time and space. This is why earth was the center of everything and the world was created about 7000 years ago according to them. Galileo with his telescope started a process that had changed all this. To believe in the bible as a book describing reality is denying the existence of telescope and the Large Hadron Collider, and other technological achievements the humanity created. There are religious Jews, Christians or Muslims who do just that. It is useless to try to speak to them. Those more sophisticated, creationists, they still base their claims on human perception of time and space. Evolution is incomprehensible within human life and size span dimension.
Still, the science is limited to human comprehension, and within it there are too many opened issues, without which the chances that the humanity will exist beyond this century is rather unprobable. The global metabolic and environmental system is out of balance, and a big correction has to come. What shape this correction will take is a mystery. The humans have no tools to prevent it and also not to cope with it.

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  1. dtalpk permalink

    Humans try to interpret the Universe by using mathematical laws and physics, but The Universe is governed by randomness.


    • You can be right and you can be wrong. David Hume has the same oppinion. No causality, just contingent sequence of events. E.Kant as reaction to it said the human comprehension of the world is through deduction using analytic tools to conceptualise the sequential events as if they would be related within a system. Yet the humans not only can’t know what objective reality is, they even can’t know if there is such a thing as objective reality.


    • Dear dtalk you are right that the humans use mathematics as a tool to understand the most fundamental laws of the nature. Yet mathematics has its limitations too, even if is very helpful to deepen our understanding the most elementary and most universal realities about the natural world. Yet all this understanding is happening within the human perception, that is probably very limited. We will never know. what the objective reality is, if it exists at all. Yet your claim, that the Universe is governed by randomness, is an impertinent claim, as if you would know for sure that objective reality exists, and it is governed by randomness.


    • This question is just like the question who was first, chicken or the eggs. Mathematics is the only tool, that has the capacity to unveil to us the hidden reality of our existance. Take a program, consisting of binary codes, and it’s logical structure enabling to us to play a computer game. What is the reality in the game? The binary structure? The logical structure, that interconnects those binary codes in certain way and not other way? Or is it the game itself?

      This analogy can be applied to the mathematics versus nature, while nature is the game, mathematics is the logical structure of its elements, meaning the numbers themselves and the capacity to add them to each other. All the rest comes out of it.
      As to mathematics, two is more than one and one. It is also the meaning of + and =. When comprehending two, we comprehend all these elements. The + and = are as much elementary to mathematics as the 1.

      Noone governs nobody. Not mathematics the nature and not vice versa. The nature just can’t be not logical not mathematical. Otherwise the chaos would take over the existence. Existence is order. Without order there wouldn’t be existence. Amazingly the Bible in it’s first sentence got it right. At beginning there was chaos, then by separation an order was created and the existence came to be. The order of nature is mathematical.


  2. As in most of the cases i fully agree with you. The question is how to influence those who don’t make the effort to use their human capacity to comprehend reality based on evidence and not imaginary reality based on whishfull thinking and flattery.


    • Happy we agree, as usual… As I said, many have large base material interest to foster superstition (what stands above [nature]). The vast masses also have interest to just pretend that there are human deities up there, as it makes the world less inhuman.
      The solution, then, is to explain what is going on, and why pretend is OK, as long as it does not have too much of a deleterious impact on nature, human and not.


  3. Dear Eugen,
    You find “that the Universe is governed according the law of mathematics an oddity, and not a necessity of existence. How came these laws to existence?”Einstein, even more basically, couldn’t believe the universe was comprehensible. But it is com-prehensible because the universe has laws and thus can be apprehended.

    If we lived in a universe which had no laws, such as plutocracy, we would not be able to get a handle on the universe. And this is exactly what is happening, and why.

    Laws of nature are given: this is a fact, the baby becomes cognizant of within minutes of coming to the world: close the eyes, and rest, comfort is given.

    If truly in denial of the laws, one couldn’t live accordingly, because one would die right away. Even the craziest religious fanatics, know enough true physics not to die quickly: they don’t jump off windows, and don’t crash headfirst to get into the bus!

    To be part of this world, this natural world, is to be law abiding, to a very great extent, because otherwise we won’t be: to be lawful, or not to be. There is no alternative to natural laws. All human beings learn this, starting as infants. When our great leaders act otherwise, they lie to us.

    “God” is just a concept claiming we still have a well-meaning parent teaching us the laws, when we truly have no one, and especially nothing to guide us. But this claimed assumption self-hypnotize us, and those we want to rule.

    Whether a “programmer”made the laws of nature or not, is irrelevant to the world of facts: the laws are in evidence, the “programmer”is not. There are enough laws to learn and search for, that we don’t need to spend time searching for something outside of the universe.
    The evidence, instead, is that the laws of nature are here alone, they are primary actors. Why would there be a need to suppose that some agent made it so that jumping in a lava lake is deadly? All we know, is that trying to swim in lava would be deadly. And that’s enough to survive that one.

    Those who claim natural laws are from the actions of a supernatural agent, generally are themselves easily found out to benefit from such claims. Thus their alleged supernaturality turns out to be all too human for their comfort… and against that of those who trust them.

    Ultimately, laws of mathematics are just laws of the neurology, thus laws of physics. Physics is all the god we have, but it is a mighty one and it doesn’t forgive.

    All we can do, is to humanize the universe, and make our own god(s), knowing full well we did. Just as my daughter told me to do when she was two, and she wanted to learn from some role play, while I eyed the whole thing skeptically: “Just pretend!”

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    • I re-read your comment, and came to a more substantial conclusion than in my previous reply. Your claim is, lets stay in the world reachable for us human within our limitations. The problem is we can’t know where we act and think within our limitations and when those limitations can be overcomed. Few hundred years humans thought their perspective is limited to earth and there can be nothing known above it. Even Moon seemd to be a unreachable territory. Now we got verified information from the cosmic background, 13 billion light yers away. I’m not sure we have to limit ourself, rather not to pretend knowledge to what actually is nothing else, but wishful thinking.
      Mathematics is a very strong tool, without it natural sciences couldn’t exist. Is it just a human tool to open new perspectives of the reality? Or is it the form, reality was casted and forged in? This same question is asked since Plato until today.


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