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The manifest of a free man.

by on 04/04/2017


every day in your life that passes,

will never return.

Everyday you waisted,

by doing nothing,

being unhappy,

learning nothing,

feeling nothing,

is as if you wouldn’t live it.

Everything is in your hands.

It’s you and your decision only what you do now in this moment.

What happened to you, you can’t change,

what will happen to you, depends on others too.

But right now, It is only on you,

what you do.

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  1. raphael rodan permalink

    A meeting for the building in Groningen. With offer dates. I wont be able to attend any of them. I will be performing on the 18th and will be in the Uk on the 25th for a workshop.

    What about you?

    Raphael Rodan Actor, Storyteller, Workshop leader


  2. Dear Patrice, thanks for your response, it is very inspirational,
    you wrote; …it is not entirely up to you…..
    You are right, what we are is not what we want to be, and hardly result of our will. Our intentions, desires, on one hand are all consequence of our personal, social and tribal history, on other hand our individual genealogy, partly inherited, partly randomly. Yet, within the framework of all above, at every moment in our life we have the chance to decide conscious decision, if we have the intellectual and spiritual capacity to make a conscious decision, it may become​even a morally right decision. It seems to me, most of the people in this planet don’t have this capacity. So​ they are left with what was implanted into them either by genealogy or by social cultural identity.
    You wrote, woman is not born free. Probably such a claim can come only from a woman. (Until now i was not sure about your gender.) As to your claim, i wonder what you mean by it? Is it connected in some way to women’s predisposition to become a mother? Or you have something more in your mind?
    I do agree with your claim, that morality is relative to who you are and what’s your origin. Yet seems to me, all living creatures, aggressive as they may be, have certain restrains, as to the act of murder of someone considered as belonging to the same species.


  3. Dear Eugen:

    Yet it’s not entirely up to you what you feel and what you think and care about.
    At best, you can try to control the context which makes you what you are, what you want, and what you will.
    Woman is not born free, and becomes ever less so with advancing years.
    Morality is not just doing what feel right, and what’s supposed to be right.
    Intelligence is not just doing what feels smart and is supposed to be smart.
    Morality and intelligence are also about how they were born and why they persist.
    Will and fredom are neither fully free and willful.
    And the less we examine, let alone control the contexts which made us, the less free and wilfull we truly are,
    although the greater the certainty of our lack of doubt,
    the greater the simplicity of the context we come from,
    the less free and willful we truly are.

    Man, properly made is nothing but a hierarchy of certainties, each illumainting the doubt of those above and below.

    That was my first draft. Now I am boosting this in a full poetic essay, thanks Eugen!
    … Will keep you posted…


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