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Donald Trump, Brexit and all the rest

by on 27/01/2017

The problem is deeper than what it appears. The democracy as a political system, is just like any other political system, and has its limitations. All political systems are based on people with lust for authority and desire to lead and rule many by few.  Those few who have this lust, from while to while happen to be those, who doesn’t necessarily act out of altruism, utilitarianism or not even out of need to represent interest of certain group of people, but just out of perceiving themselves above the ordinary human beings. This kind of politicians believe in being kind of God like beings, destined to shape the humanity, human society, history, or any kind of communal human activity according to phantasy they drew in their imagination. Then anything or anybody that opposes them, they try to annihilate.

Democracy is not guaranty to prevent this kind of individuals to get their way to the top. The results of their policies were catastrophic already in the past. In the ancient Greece people of Athens democratically put Socrates to death. Then Hitler was democratically elected. The choice of majority of people is not necessarily the right choice.

  In last hundred years happened many times tgat unscrupulous people became the leaders, mostly in less significant countries than US is today, like in Libya, Iraq, and maybe in Turkey at present. You may say, these were not democratically elected people. But does democracy have tools to prevent from this kind of self obsessed individuals to become leaders? I have my doubts. Mainly in the times of political or economic existential crisis, people tend to vote in masses those who promise everything, achievable and not achievable, but mainly bring promise for change of the existing reality, they hate, from the root. You may say it happens in perepherial countries. But in the past it happened also in countries with world wide influence as Germany and USSR.

The very best example of popular vote out of ignorance is Brexit, that was the choice for something, that no one, not even the Brexit leaders knew what it means. Now everybody is confused, mainly the leaders of Brexit, who acted out of arrogance and simple mindedness during their campaign, not thinking what will be the next day to the referendum, if and when they win. Probably they never believed, they can win such an absurd vote. They just miscalculated that out there they are many frustrated people, who wish change for any price. Then, when these people asked to lead, they discovered, they have no answers to the most basic questions, as what it exactly means Brexit. They didn’t prepare any agreements and legislative acts to translate pro Brexit vote to policy. The political slogans, just like any marketing slogans became the content. The result will be, UK will lose its influence on Europe, while still be technically part of it.

In 2016, the crisis was rather political than economic. The injustice caused by elites, while pouring trillions of dollars to save the financial system, and no one from those responsible for the collapse was punished . Adding to it the unscrupulous system of rewards to those responsible, in numbers of millions of dollars, most of the people are not familiar with, is too much to absorb even by the ignorant masses.

 The question is not who Donald Trump is, or what his acts will be, because no one can know who he is, since probably he himself has no clear idea about his next step. To me it seems, his acts are out of arrogance, believing in his own devinity or his above human position, meaning he can act out of pure intuition, without consultation with anyone, mainly not with those who have independent opinion. So my question is, does have the US administration institutional tools to prevent any catastrophe, of the kind it happened somany times already in history or not?

All I can add is, God help us, and hopefully US government in 2017 is more sophisticated and have stronger institutions than Germany had in 1933.

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