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Greed- Conversation with an imaginary comedian

by on 27/08/2016

What happened in the last economic crisis? The government transferred its responsibility for printing money to the banks and it’s management and who they are? The bastion of greed, the adorers of lust for money. So what they do? Of course what you would do if all you had in your head is obsessively circulating one word, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. You steal it. 

So if you ask me why was the 2008 economic crisis, my answer is the greed.  And not that I made it up. Every economist will agree, that greed is the basic stone of the economic animal psychology.

GREED is the core element of our modern economy.  If in middle Ages the economy was based on food production and gold. The food was produced and most of it also consumed by peasants and the Lords played war, for which they needed gold to pay their army. The industrial age was based on coal, steem, iron casts and steel, and all this are real stuff, you can touch. Only the contemporary economy is based on money, that is nothing else than a line on the computer screen. So do not be surprised, if those who are responsible for money creation, the bankers, they just grab it.

 If you think they are stealing it you are accusing them of immoral behavior. Watch yourself doing it, you can be easily sued. They never bridge the law. How could they if they are the law, they create it. So while they put their hands in the jar where your money is deposited, they call this take; bonuses for good performances. It doesn’t matter if the performance is positive or negative, it is all about to have a “good” performance.  So in a way they are not very different from a comedian.  Also for them the most important thing is the performance. It can be good or bad, negative or positive, it doesn’t matter, all what counts is to have the performance.

And so we have here this faith in the new God, the greed, the followers of this God, the banksters and the money. What do you think can be the outcome of all this? Yes your guess is correct, economic crisis.

So what is the outcome from all this? To go back to material things as the fundamental media of the economy.  Not anymore virtual money but a material money.  No, let’s not go back to gold as some may suggest. After all what good can do a metal when transferred from underground dich in South Africa, to another underground dich in USA or Europe called Central Bank or Federal Reserve. No let us base our economy on the real thing, us, me, you the comedian. Whats so funny about my proposal? Am I not more credible than some bricks of gold? (Threatens someone in the audience. ) You see it already works. I am just like the Government.  I threaten someone and immediately have respect and credibility. So if I have credibility I can create money.

Did you hear about bit coin? This is an all virtual money.  Some clever mathematician put on the Internet a program that generates by itself money. Yes it just generates it without any human interaction. In a self controlled speed.  Some started to use it. Then its price went up and collapsed again. I wonder, was it an invisible hand of the market? Or was it a very visible hand of some banksters? They just don’t like someone competing with them on creating money. Usually they would turn to their friends in the government and ask to rise an army to crash the “falsificator”. But with bitcoin they have a problem; Who is the enemy? Where is he? Can they attack it. Deminish it. A mathematical formula? Hardly. They can moralize like; Do not allow some uncontrollable mathematical formula to compete with us. We banksters, we and You are after all the government. Without us you couldn’t exist.  Who would support you at times of need for cash? By the way, are there any other times? If yes, let me know.

They can also threaten us by saying, if you touch us the holy money creators, the worst will come. Without us you can’t exist. We are the one above the law, the untouchable. Even don’t try it on us. 
But the bit coin is not frightened, he just can’t hear them. 

But then if the recruited army can’t do its most important job, to defend money and it’s creator the banksters, what tool is left for them to fight this nasty fomula? They can call it a virus a disease a plague but then all is left for them is to try to destroy the bitcoin with the only tool they know best, money itself. So they buy lots of bitcoins and immediately sell it. By doing it they have to buy expensively and sell cheaply. But then they lose money. “Their money”. Of course they don’t really mind, after all they can create of it as much as they like. But what if they will lose more and more? What this means? It means bitcoin money will replace the banksters money. And then? Mathematical formula will replace the banksters. What the hell will they do then?

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