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Brexit, what next

by on 26/06/2016

I would try a prophecy about the near future events following the Brexit. Just remember, since only fools are prophesying, i will make voluntarily a fool of myself.

EU, when the rather energetic Hollander will take the lead will boot Brittany out from the EU within few month. The economic catastrophe will appear immediately in the UK and will touch very marginally the EU. After all UK long time ago stopped to produce merchandise and all it produces are services, mainly financial and houses for supper rich from all over the world. And still the British will need to import merchandise, and will pretty soon discover that the prices of merchandise jumped by 30-50%. On the other hand the financial services will be damaged immediately. Banks are already considering to allocate thousands of their employees to Dublin and Amsterdam. I would predict that in the medium term some of them will be allocated to Edinburgh, the capital of independent Scotland. The Scottish gave up their independence for money, and will regain their independence for the same reason. If in the short and medium term the British economy will fall to insignificance, in the long term the other important service industry, the real estate market in London will become even more attractive to the outsiders, and even less reachable for the British people, holding mainly assets connected to British pound. So after 12 centuries of British independence, (since Alfred the Great), “Great Brittany” will finally become just an another marginalized Muslim country, with English speaking Pakistani majority, country that most of its 200 million citizens will try to emigrate, after the collapse of secular half military half civil regime and establishment of Muslim regime introducing the strict form of sharia law.  Just don’t ask me what will happen to the hundreds of nuclear weapons of Pakistan. this even a fool wouldn’t try to predict.

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