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by on 14/03/2016

“Poetry is a political act because it involves telling the truth.”

May I ask you, what is the truth all about?

Is it something worth to fight for?

Some may value it even much more than that.
Those who are ready to sacrifice it all,
The most valuable when they get the call,
To marsh frantically within the  mobs,
Demanding death, upon all the others,
Who have no respect for the ultimate truth,
The untouchable essence of all of us,
Thee holy consecrated imaginary One!!!
This being beyond all our senses,
Who is above all our perceptions.
Then let it Be, whoever it may be,
Whose wholeness is beyond all the whole,
Smaller than the very energetic string,
Vibrating in the depths of the substance of all,
Larger than the very multiverses,
Reaching beyond the edges of infinity,
The very zero,… who is more than many.

Yet to those, who can know only the perceived reality,
The One may seem nothing but imaginary,
Yet the fact that it can’t be validated,
Makes it beyond all our means,
Causing unbearable horror to me,
When exposed in its perfect naked fallacy,
Emerging in me inhuman pain and agony,
Beyond anything comprehensive on earth,
Shaking my very material existence,
Demanding from me to kill and be killed.

May i ask you, is this what the truth is all about?

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  1. The truth is there are lies out there, and they can be known. The lie, is that truth can be found in one book.


    • Once i argued with some religiouse guy, that the Bible was written by very smart people of the time, (most probably in the seventh century b.c.). But they had a very different perspective about space and time, that is the most basic parameter enabling human understanding of the world. At fhe time they perceived space from human size perspective, without to be aware of cosmic size beyond the locality they lived in, and also did not percive anything smaller than a flea. As to the time, they had only very rough idea about it, this is why they could easily believe that the world was created in 6 days.
      But then i was told, that Bible represents Gods word, and God has to have right perspective by definition. Argue against such a logic.


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