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Germany is not to be blamed for everything-mainly not for the Greek economic crisis

by on 19/07/2015

There are many who claim that the Greeks where tricked into the Eurozone by the Germans, who wanted to sell to the Greeks their products. I am ready to join any criticism against the Germans, mainly their blame on destroying the pre 1914 Europe, and causing by it the European selfdestructive policy of decadence, as I expressed it in my article not long time ago. Yet intellectually I can’t except this kind of blame. The potential Greek market is too small for that. Above that, it is not the German way to penetrate markets. The post WWII Germans, after learning what the Nazi conspiracy have done to them and the world, they appear to distance themselves from any kind of conspiracy. Historically the Greek problem seems to be more than just overvalued currency. Greece economic problem was not created when it entered the Eurozone. It started before, and developed after. It was partly caused by unrestrained budget policy of Greek political elites and partly because Greece in reality never developed modern economy, interwoven in European and ex-European economy, except in the tourist industry. Yet the tourist industry based state can provide GDP per capita of tourist location states, like for example the Caribbean states, or Costa Rica but not of Germany, as it was before the crisis in Greece. (About half of the present Greek GDP per capita. Let’s compare Greece to Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. These three countries became the industrial hub of Europe after 1990. Most of the European, Japanese and Korean car and electronics production industry  moved to these countries. Nothing of this kind happened to Greece. Yet before 2010 the Greek GDP per capita was double to these countries. Now they are more or less equal. And this happened in spite of unimaginable terrific social, economic, political, post-communistic heritage. This heritage included not only lack of modern infrastructure, but also unbelievable moral degradation among the old but then also the new leading elites caused by 40 years of communistic despotism and false morals, taught by this regime. But as contrary to Greeks, the people in these countries were ready to take in their hands the new opportunities, sacrificing the present for a better future, and eventually crawled out from the hole, the communistic regimes dag for them for 40 years.

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  1. Greece became instantaneously too expensive when the Drachma was converted at too high a rate. So car producers moved to dirt-cheap Slovakia. Including VW. One Greek city had the world’s highest density of Porsche. Fact is the banks most rescued were German, second only to the French ones.

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn just condemned the recent accord, calling it a GERMAN DIKTAT.
    DSK proffered in an open letter critiques I have made before.


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