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The German guilt

by on 15/07/2015

WWII and WWI was brought on us, human beings, by the German nation. To the question, why so, some tend to give psychological explanation and they.mean because of the German feelings of frustration with the French, who in spite of military and economic inferiority, continued to hold cultural superiority as leaders of the European cultural scenery. Others (geographical explanation) say because the Germany was geographically squeezed between Russia and France. Some may say because the Germans were racists in their culture and nature. You can find even Marxists, who continue to claim that the Great 80 year German War (1914-1992) (80YGW) happened due to economic reason . I personally couldn’t find any rational explanation satisfactory to explain the German aggression towards its neighbors,  and co-citizens.
As to the consequences of this war, it is obvious, Europe lost due the wars Germany caused its dominant political position in the world, and good that so it happened. What’s bad is, that the Europeans dug and covered their feelings of cultural superiority, and with it let it be influenced and be leaded by US, Oriental and lately also Muslim cultures. The problem is, while the Oriental and US cultural influence came peacefully and as such it has integrated to European culture, the Muslim culture came with historical  animosity towards the European culture, and with even greater animosity towards its modern secularism. The Muslim aims in Europe are with no tendency for peaceful integration, but separation and conquest. This couldn’t happened if in Post 80 Years German War (80YGW) , the European mood wasn’t so defensive as its post-colonial, post-fascistic, post-communistic political mood is today. This mood of cheap consumerism enabled to the political elites to make all the mistakes they had made, with their shortsighted political vision, without to pay until now any political price for it.

Conclusion:  The world wars initiated by Germany do have far more catastrophic consequences than people usually are ready to think or admit. If European culture is doomed, and maybe it is, it will be a direct result of The 80 Years German War.

Other issue is the Greek tragedy, that from historical point of view is small scale representation of what will happen, when plutocratic elites, to secure their  hold of the reign at any price, corrupt the people-their electors, who are just happy to be corrupted. They leave the people just to enjoy the golden calf and not any of the teaching of the responsibilities, that have to be taken. The Greeks then moralize, as if they were the only one who suffered the consequences of the 80YGW. Yet this is far from truth. There are others, like the Polish people, Czechs, Slovaks, Serbians and many others who suffered even more than the Greeks during WWII.
To change this trend of European self destruction, responsibilities has to be taken by all those, to whom European cultural identity and European way of life is dear. There are too many out there who want to infiltrate Europe just to destroy it and it is nearsightedness not to see it.

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  1. I just visited the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The museum itself is a wonderful exposition of modern art, where imagination, creativity, modern technology and science, and probably also lots of mathematics was put together, to create this wonderful building. This building represents a lot of what is so amazing about modern western culture, science and arts. Yet, most of the exposition in the museum itself was of Jeff Koons, who made probably a huge donation to the museum, to become the sole occupant of this wonderful museum. If I would create an art movement, probably it would be called, “Clearing the public space from Koons’s kitsch”. When I spoke about cultural decadence of Europe, I spoke exactly about people like Koons. The only positivity about him is Chicholina, who in contrary to Koons, expressed herself in an authentic and revolutionary way. Koons himself is nothing more than a self-possessed, mediocre. A product of American consumerism and advertising industry, where only lies, falsification, flattery, idealisation of wrappings with no real content are the rule, and the real things is politically not correct. Koons is part of the trend in Europe I mentioned, where the people are not asked to face the realities as they are, and demanded to help to cope with the problematic developments they are living in, but rather are asked to close their eyes in front of them.


  2. Prussia/Germany re-established the slavery of Jews in 1815, after the French defeat.
    Prussia/Germany attacked Denmark in 1853, Austro-Hungary eight years later, and then contrived a war with France, then exacting reparations form France made to make France fail, so that war could be restarted, and Germany owner of Europe.
    The attack by Germany in 1914, fruit of a conspiracy, got some helped from the USA, which kept as a crucial ally of the fascist racist Kaiser for the first few years of the war.
    Hitler implemented Luther’s program regarding Jews (and others).
    Nasty German moods are obviously perduring, the Greek crisis has shown.


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