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Do You know yourself?

by on 16/05/2015

You know yourself out of social reflection  this opposes the Descartes idea of absolute loneliness of you, what he called the only certain thing that you can know for sure. As you meditate about yourself, you know yourself. The mind can also dream, day dream, self reflect inwardly. It can’t have senses directly without using the body. social interaction is also a body act.

You cannot think about two sentences at the same time, while you can make two acts of body at the same time and even speak in parallel .

Your mind consists of senses, memory, thinking by using words. Do you need words to be able to think? Can you think without words? The act of speaking definitely needs  words. From where you pull out from your memory words without knowing upfront which word to use next?

If  you  look in the mirror after long time you haven’t do it, you get a feeling a stranger is looking at you? If so, isn’t the perception of I just a learned phenomena, while without looking on yourself in the mirror you may lose it? What about feelings? Pain, emotions attached to sensations coming from your senses,  memories coming up to your mind arising emotion? logical structures that come from memory? Are all these learned phenomena?

Logical structures that are suddenly created-eureka kind of experience, are they a result of learning? Act of calculation in your head is it in words? Yes and no. If you make calculation on paper? in the moment of calculation do you understand the  essence of the number, its relative value or you just remember the multiplication table  ?
The thoughts come with the expressed word. expressed vocally,  in written form, or just in heart. Can be a thought without words? Meditation is a technique to stop not the thoughts but flow of words.

Can you know pain, without to call it pain? Can you know beauty,  disgust,  sorrow, fear, love, tenderness, green, red, nice, fast, hard, noisy, quite, noisy,  all words of description, without to call it so? Can you know tree, grass, land sky, words of material, without words? Yes the answer is  yes the same it will be with an act, if you are familiar with the act.

Can you know complete, partial, comprehensive, sequential, words of concept without knowing the words? The answer will be NO.

If no free will exists then do we exist? All this feeling of I is based on the concept of i want this and that.
You can look on the world from outside in or from inside out. From inside out it is rather observing than feeling, while from outside in it is rather feeling than observing.
What do we know about the One who is in charge of the mental I? Not too much.

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