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Greeks, taxation and Jews

by on 31/01/2015

January 31, 2015
Answer t o PatriceAyme
The Greek economic problem is more a moral problem than an economic problem. The moral question is what responsibilities has an individual to take regarding the decisions of leading elites of community they belong to. Community that gives them identity to identify with, gives them protection and certain level of welfare and care. Then the other moral-political question is, what responsibilities shout carry the leading elites, who implemented, short sighted policy of greed, personal enrichment and deception and if they are punishable for their crimes.

Liberal-democratic ideology, that is basis of post WWII policy, and EU is founded on its principles, is not only about personal freedom, but also about responsibilities. So the moral question is, who has to take responsibilities for promiscuous behaviour? Should it be the Greek leading elites? The Greek people? Maybe the German and French banksters and their servants? Or maybe the moral responsibility lays on the shoulders of the descendants of the German Nazis?
And then if the one responsible to be blamed will be finally found, what will be the right punishment for them?
In your essay you attack the multinational corporations and their unscrupulous tendency not to pay taxes. The problem of paying or not paying taxes is not a question of morality, according which everyone has to obey the moral code imposed on the citizens of the state to pay equally taxes, but a question, who is better to allocate resources to create maximal well being for the people of the states. I personally have difficulty to believe, that the government is the best tool to do it. I rather believe, that decentralisation of resource allocation decision process, could be more effective than its monopolization in hands of the government. “No taxation without representation”, is a very relevant slogan in these days, when the political elites can do any kind of unscrupulous decisions without a need to pay for its to many times disastrous consequences. ( viz Greece above ).
For 2000 years the Jews were an easy target for persecution. They were pushed to the edge of the societies, dehumanised, marginalized, humiliated, closed to their gethos . Too many times the Catholic Church initiated their annihilation. And still they survived, and from time to time they could even thrive, when the society and politics became more liberal, enlightened and not governed by forces of evil like the totalitarian religions or ideologies. In today’s Europe except in France and England the Jewish communities are very sporadic and practically non existing. What exist are Jewish community museums, with function of enabling Europe reconciliation with the crimes Europe committed against Jews and against humanity. Yet, in spite of all this, again you can hear the voices of the old hate against Jews – not as people, because there are so few of them, but as an idea. (Did you know that Ayax, the Dutch football club players are called Jews by their opponents?).

  1. Dear Patrice, you are touching the main problems of the modern global macro Economy very precisely, but here is more of it. I am just starting (need to find time ) to think to write a new book, which will try to bring up the failure of the today’s dominant economic system called the ” Capitalistic system” or the ” Market economy”.
    To my oppinion the major problem of this economic system is its enormous success within the aimes it has targeted. The very best prove for me of the great success was the last bust of the system at 2008. Here we are 7 years later, after the whole monetary system collapsed, that could easily wipe out the virtual value of money, ( and we would have to go back to barter economy of antiquity ), and nothing of this kind happened. The trust in the system is back, and not even the imaginative Greeks can chalange it.
    So whats so wrong about it? Wrong is that this economic system drives the world on a well paved way to catastrophy, that will probably destroy the human civilization if not even beyond that.
    I shall not go into details of my thought about this, it is enough to mention, that the today’s system has no tools to cope with the environmental issues, that are nocking already in our entrance door. The other main issue is the poverty and all its consequences on population growth, lack of education, etc. Yet the main problem is the self imposed ignorance of most people on the earth to the major issues, that are endangering their own or their children’s existence. Your description of superball watcher and his subordination to shalow existance of people, totally submerged in the consumer society is exactly about this.


  2. Presently answering this in a full essay…


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