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Jews, Muslims, Christians

by on 29/01/2015

Answer to the following article;

1. The term Antisemitism is a European term, naming the European anti Jewish sentiments and people. As you claimed the Arabs are semitic nation also. Sometimes i am surprised, how close are the features of some European Jews to those of Arabs, even after 2000 years of separation. So to claim that Arabs can’t be antisemitic is playing with semantics and not with the substance. The substance is that generally speaking the Arabs did adopt since the creation of Israel deep rooted anti Jewish racist ideology. The reason is theological as well psychological.
a. The Arab Theological-Nationalistic reason is, their loss of national confidence, after hundred millions strong Arab nations couldn’t militarily overcome a small nation of less than one million at 1947.
b. Other problem is, that Islam has no tools how to cope theologically with situation when certain Muslim land and nation,(Dar al Islam) losses its ground to a non Muslim nation and becomes a non Muslim land. According to their believe they are in continues state of war against such a country (Dar al Harb).
c. The psychological problem of most of the Muslim world, is their difficulty to adopt modern ethical, social, and epistemological ideas, that are the basis and condition of progress to the modernity. Just to mention in headings some of these ideas,
-ethnic, racist, gender, religious, cultural pluralism,
-free and critical approach to ideas,
-reduction of the role of political authority to social and economic responsibilities without right to interfere in issues of belief, ideas, ideologies, etc.
-Adopting modern family structure, where woman have the right to education and productive life according to their choice. Where there is space for family planning.
Even if the success of the countries adopting these modern, post WWII post Communism world are attractive to most of the Muslims, and they like the leisure-pleasure of this world, they still oppose the ideas behind it.
2. You wrote; Judaism gave us Christiano-Islamism. It’s supposed to be a great gift……..
Yes Judaism is the source of the Monotheistic faith in Christianity and Islam. More than that, Christianity started as a Jewish movement, believing the Messiah have finally come. For Jews it is not a unique phenomena that someone or some followers of someone proclaim that the the Messiah has come. The most famous self proclaimed Jewish Messiah was Sabbatai Zevi.
A more resent Messiah phenomena is Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who died at 1994. Since his death and also during his life time many of his Jewish followers claimed that he is the Messiah.
I can understand your claim that the monotheistic religions in their essence are violent, war provoking, intolerant, initiating extremism etc. The history proves this is the case. Yet i would like to make one big differentiation between Judaism and the Christian-Islam political agenda. While the Christian-Islam faith has in its essence the need to implement their belief system on every human being all over the world, and therefore their political agenda is missionary and intolerant to other faiths, Judaism is self reflective and not widely opened to everybody. It doesn’t mean that Judaism is racist as some may claim out of ignorance. After all anybody can become a Jew, only the conditions to become a Jew are rather difficult. A new convert to Judaism has to prove to the Rabbis, that he means sincerely and seriously with Judaism, what means he must prove better knowledge about the Jewish belief system, than most of the ethnic secular Jews have.

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