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Radical Islam

by on 09/01/2015

It seems when militant group of people, indoctrinated by totalitarian religion or ideology appear in the scene of history, liberal political and juridical system has no tools to oppose it, unless it adopts less liberal policy. And here we have conflict between two wishes, the first-to sustain liberal society and the second-personal security.
At eve of second world war, France and partly England had the same problem with the Nazi Germany. At 1935 they could easily solve the German problem by deposing Hitler who openly and provocatively broke the Versailles agreement. They did not do it, even if they had clear indication about psychotic- aggressive intentions of Hitler, and his and his regimes murderous character and acts where openly exposed to all.
Other problem is that these totalitarian religions or ideologies have wide support among people who live in a collectives in crisis. This crisis may be economical, social, or cultural, which is accompanied by collective subjective feeling of injustice inflated by conspiracy theories. The Muslim population, living in the Muslim countries (except of few exceptions) definitely live in situation of political, economical, social but also cultural crisis of identity and self confidence. It seems their cultural crisis continues in some among them, even when they live in a non Muslim liberal-democratic country.
a. Political failure of Muslim state politicians is so colossal that there is no need to add any comment on it.
b. Social crisis is also phenomenal. Phenomena as slavery that still persists in some Muslim countries, the intentional intellectual and social subordination of women to man, practically non existent middle class, no tolerance and no respect towards the other, be it other gender, other religion, or other sect in the Muslim religion all this persist in the Muslim world.
c. Economically none of the Muslim countries could cope the economic success of the Asian Tigers. Even the oil exporting countries with huge income and accumulated wealth also failed to create functional economy based on skilled and educated labor (except of Malaysia and Indonesia). Most of their working population are foreign workers without any basic rights, just one step in a better state than slaves.
d. The last but not the least is the cultural failure. The Muslim fundamentalists, (according to the results in free elections following the Arab spring it seems the majority in the Arab world are religious fundamentalists), who are stuck in their religious cultural values, try to fight the modern, liberal values that are based on rationality, scientific research and critical thinking by force and violence, since they have no tools and no intellectual arguments to oppose the so called Western view of world. viz;

Islam, as all the monotheistic religions is based on dogmas. This by itself wouldn’t be devastating, if not the need of every faithful Muslim (and this applies historically also for Christians) to be a missionary and try to spread their faith among everyone, and if necessary by force. The Muslim missionary failed of course, since more Muslims, mainly the educated elites leave the faith than join it, (if they are not forced under threat of severe penalties to stick to their religion).
I wonder what will be the response of European politicians to the last events in France. I believe, if even now no action will be taken, and as always they will sweep the problem under the carpet, the more radical politicians will take the power, and we have experienced already what they are capable of.

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  1. Dear Patrice, again I have to oppose you. Swiss democracy is not an example for anything. In middle of Europe they lived peacfully without war for at least 500 years. So they created a bank system, where many who being afraid to hold their money in their home country deposited it. The Jews before WWII, then all the dictators and scums of Africa and the Arab world etc. This gave them enourmose cash. Not surprisingly Switzerland is the richest country in Europe, without producing anything except cheese and watches. 😉 Then, when they were asked about immigration policy, obviously they refused to share their wealth. World leading countries can’t behave like this.

    As to the Democracy versus Platos philosophical king, it is not an easy question to solve it in few lines. Yet I will try my best. At first, let’s speak about what are the major issues in todays world. The answer will be of course to save the human civilization, which is lately more and more endangered.
    A. Because of the environmental catastrophy we are heading towards.
    B. Because of the new technologies, that can be more and more easily exploted by individuals or small group of peoply with deadly determination. The result is all this islamist terrorists, who if they would have the means would happily blow up the world, and the means are from day to day more available to any individual.

    So the question is how to protect the human civilization. A friend of mine, who is very much in technologies, said lately, “I am not surprised by the terorist attacks, but by the relatively small destruction they cause.” Do you belive this happens because of limited level of sophistication of the terorists? I don’t.

    So the question remains, what next. It seems the democratic – capitalistic system of today has no tools to cope with the problem I am speaking about. As I wrote many times (also in my book,) since capitalistic economic system is yield driven, it can’t help with global problems. This is also why it has natural tendency to create plutocratic system, with banksters and all the other oligarchic barons.
    I am not saying I have perfect solution if any. I am saying let’s put together all our intelectual potential to come up with some political system, that may work and cope with the major issues I mentioned above and there are for sure some others I did not mentioned.
    As I understand you have young children, for their sake we have to do something about it.


  2. Dear Eugen: I answer you on direct democracy on today’s essay. The problem with Hitler was NOT with France, but with Britain, and, even more the USA. Or more exactly, their plutocrats. I disserted on this at length on my site. It has consequences today.


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