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Roman, Barbarian and Medieval Europe

by on 16/09/2014

As response to the above essay;

The tragedy of Europe was caused by its two major rivers, the Rhine and the Danube. Since The Roman times it divided the Continent. Charlemagne was the first to unite Europe across the Rhine. Unfortunately it was not long lasting. The next one who could try to do it was Napoleon. But he was to eager to fight wars. Unfortunately at the time did not exist bungee jumping, that could potentially pacify him.
The 20 century brought three unification experiences, the WWII of Hitler, then the Soviet- Stalin ( SS ) experiment, and the last one, the EU. Fortunately this one was the only successful one.

Let us hope that this time the unification will thrive in spite of all those short sighted, petty minded but loud speakers.


As response to the above links i wrote;

To turn a page in the discussion i would start a new point of view. History is more than a story. It should teach us what causes disasters and collapse of sometime very advanced and front running culture, as it happened to the Roman empire. So what caused the collapse of Rome. To my opinion definitely not Augustus, who in spite of his many mistakes, including his German policy, but even more of letting his evil wife Livia ( by the way expert on poisoning ) to kill his own children, to pave the road to the top for her son Tiberius. After all Augustus created the government system that worked pretty well for another 300 years. To my opinion the major cause of Roman collapse was the policy of staying behind the ” secure borders”, created by Hadrian, that gave to the Roman citizens feeling of false security behind the walls that divided between the civilization and barbarism. This feeling of security destroyed the commitment of the military and the politicians to defend their civilized world. They became very easy going as to the needs of defending their civilization. Adding to it the Christianity 200 years later, and their military weakness became so deep, that a few days of frozen Rhine were enough to let the half starved barbarians to invade the empire.
This phenomena I call the weakness of the well fed against the strength of the hungry.
Isn’t it very relevant right now, when hundreds of hungry Africans, Syrians and Somalians have drowned and still other thousands are waiting in the desert of Libya and Egypt to board the same shabby boats, that are probably destined ti sink?


As response to the above comment i wrote;

The truth is the political system Augustus created had a major default, the system of life long dictators elected by the previous dictators. Even if this system was better than the later feudal system, where the oldest living male automatically get the reign, while the Roman dictator could chose and adopt the next dictator. This system brought too many mistakes, when many chosen dictators like Tiberius, Caligula and Neron seemed at the time a perfect choice, but all of them, became crazy when taking the reign of power. The feeling secure behind the static border was only part of the problem. The other problem was a psychological change of abounding the unprecedented drive of the elite Romans for honor, towards reluctance and decadence. This brought reluctance about the military problem.

This change of abounding their unprecedented lust towards military and political honor happened because no Roman could even imagine that the Roman territory could be destroyed by some uncivilized, unorganized military force. It had to seem to them probably unimaginable that the Roman empire could be destroyed in a way that instead of Roman empire, some form of fractions of mini knight-ships will come, who will almost destroy the Roman civilization.

Rejecting the previous lust towards military and political honor was caused probably by adaptation of Christianity, but even more by living conditions of relative plenty, as contrary to the barbarians hunger.

The same phenomena can be observe in Europe of today. By the way later on , Christianity became very militant, and this created the new European civilization, while today, there is no faith in Christianity and also all the secular ideologies failed and disappeared, except of the ideology of empty consumerism.



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