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by on 12/09/2014

Time can exist only when there is motion. Motion is possible because of energy. Energy is motion. It can be a potential or an actual. If everything would freeze in the cosmos and there would be no energy-motion, the time would stop to exist.

Motion-energy needs space. If there is no space there is no time either. So the time-motion-energy-space are one.

Description of Entropy  as a process from order to disorder is misleading. I would say Entropy is a process from diversity to unity. The point is that the word disorder in relation to Entropy is very confusing expression and reflects subjective feelings. Entropy is a nonreversible process heading from certain unique structure towards absolute uniformity. To make it more wordy, i would use a metafore of dissolving rivers carrying different solutions into the ocean where they create a uniform solution of the ocean waters. This process is irreversible without additional energy.

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