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Short history of Vigo

by on 29/05/2014

Once upon a time existed a city surrounded by mountains on them stood majestically castles called Castros, and they looked like this


And this
But then someone thought it was to much of beauty and added this


And it actually looks more like this


But who built it? Of course the government


With the help of the municipal hero


And who occupies the building if not the police.


And who stands behind all this?


Yet on the other side of the hill I found this


But at the top I found this


So no wonder they crucified even Him


  1. Pilgrimage? You are a Catholic fanatic? Praying God for the burning in hell of the financial barons?


    • You know i am not, but the trail is beautiful, and i had done it with my friend from New York. We had lots of time to “solve”all the problems in the cosmos 🙂 Next time i will invite you, it could be nice adventure to speak about our subjects of interest while walking.


  2. Where is it?


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