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A conclusive proof for the existence of God

by on 28/10/2013

To those who can perceive the reality only as material, I have to ask,”do you feel you fully control your thoughts? “Most probably if you think sincerely about it, you will have to admit that not,  most of the time not only you don’t have control upon your thoughts, but you are not conscious of them. Your physical brains controls your body most of the time unconsciously. The only aspect of conscious control of your body is when you use your hands, mouth, eyes, and legs, or in other word all your instruments of senses. The rest of your body is acting autonomously. But if most of the times your thoughts and your material body are autonomous from your will , your will has only very little to do with your behavior. Then if not the will of the “I” is the manager or the big boss, who is the boss? Is there any? At the end someone has to control our behavior, otherwise it would be just too chaotic or what we call mentally disordered. And in normal state of our mind we do act out of order, or in other words we are under control. Then who is in control? Who is controlling the boss?  Are those phenomenons in the territories we call feelings? But we, self conscious humans with capacity of critical thinking know perfectly well, feelings, good or constructive ( love ) or bad and destructive ( hate) are out of the reach of our will.

Then other words for hate, feelings like fear or desire for domination are just other side of the same coin. To try to explain chimpanzees or human behavior on rational terms, like territorial fight would need a big rationale decision maker, the ultimate Will of the I. Is there any? But we know already that most of our minds activity connected to our body is subconscious,  and most of the cognitive activity of our brains is also autonomous to the will of the I. Then who is in control if not us? I need to ask now a question of Apicoress for this site, is it someone or something called God?

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