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Why this failure of the Arab world?-

by on 31/08/2013

It happens ever and ever again, that whenever and whoever comes to write about the political social failure of the Arab-Muslim world instead to look inward to uncover the real obstacles preventing these countries to enter the road of modernization and creating decent social life and civil society, they look to blame someone else. The usual accused is of course the USA and Israel but never some internal political force, social reality or a despotic supporter like the formal USSR.
Who is to be blamed that after decolonization in the fifties of last century Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and all the rest become military dictatorships oriented on USSR. Who is to be blamed that G.A. Nasser, the most prestigious Arab leader since the times of Selahedine, the leader of Egypt, Arab world, one of the triumvirate of Third Word leaders, used his political prestige mainly to endorse international military conflicts, (and not only against Israel). Who is to be blamed that these dictators did not create some sort of liberal society that would at least educate its people and not bring Egypt to 21 century with 30% illiteracy? Who is to be blamed, that even after the collapse of USSR, when the failure of their centralized political, social and economic system of governance become so obvious that even some Sub-Saharan countries turned to democracy, in all the Arab countries the dictatorships continued as if nothing happened? Who is to be blamed that these dictatorships, let all the religious conservative political forces to be active beneath the official political leadership, while they strangled any secular God forbid liberal politically active civil society? Who is to be blamed, that to achieve political legitimacy, instead to loose their grip of political power, all these dictatorships turned to political Islam and by doing so, it even more postponed the adaptation of modern values in their countries, that are necessary to be able to run an effective political, social and economic system? Of course all the blame is on USA and its allies.

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