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The problem is illiteracy of the mothers-

by on 26/08/2013

I  overheard about 10 years ago some expert saying, “If free elections will be held in the Arab world, the Muslim brotherhood will win it”. And so they did. If you count all the Muslim religious parties even in “secular” Tunisia they got more than 50% of the votes. This is much more than the 33% the Nazi party achieved at 1933.
This causes me to ask several questions;
a. How come at 2010- so many people vote for a party, that is rejecting any form of liberalism and individual freedom, and obviously has  no solution to any of the practical problems of the Arab society, which can be defined in general terms as economic and social dis-functionality. The answer will be probably in the high level of illiteracy, in this societies. (Even in most advanced Tunisia 30% of the women are illiterate).
Here i would like to remind a long forgotten fact, the Afghan uprising against the Soviets and the communistic government started because of the communists led policy to try to advance girls education and to give equal rights to women.

Illiteracy is more than just statistics. It gives high ground to ignorance about the world out of the family circle and definitely to the out of the local tribal society. Just try to think what it means to be illiterate in today’s world, littered with written words, most of it junk. It is almost like to be blind. Then you should not be surprised by what is happening in the post revolutionary Arab world.

b. What to do with it? I lately overheard a very relevant joke, “What to do if the election results doesn’t bring the right results? Change the people”.
No need to say, societies that are not supportive to education have no chance to create decent life to their citizens. (Apparently learning religious studies is not an education, that makes people more literate to understand how to create a economically and socially functioning society.)
c. Can Europe and the world close its eyes and let these societies opposing real education to solve its problems alone? The answer seems to be, NO! The problems these societies create will be eventually exported to Europe, and even beyond it.

So what should be the next step?  I just don’t know

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