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Military buildup, against whom?

by on 12/08/2012

Dear Patrice

I don’t know too much about war planes, but i do know about what happens, if the treasury budget department doesn’t have control on expenses of an other department, like the army due to “National security” reasons.

But as to the National security policy, to mine opinion, if to be practical about military buildup, you have to do it on very cost-effective way. (If you want to prevent, what happened in Europe before 1914, when Germany and England started military build up, trying to create supremacy in the oceans, even if their official policy was friendship. The two kings were cousins after all. At the end the investment in war ships and military equipment had to be justified, and this became one of the reasons the German military was so pro-war). So lets check why exactly US wants military build up.

I strongly believe, that if the twenty century wars were mostly on Ideological basis (WWII and the cold war), the twenty first century war will be about cultural differences. The main cultural difference are between the consuming based, open societies, and the closed,  faith based, rigid, ascetic society, denying the right of free choice from its citizens on every aspect of life, including, their believes, their behavior in the public and in their privacy, and how they educate their children. Not to speak about denial of any political rights, rights of minorities, rights of women etc.

Who are applying for this definition?  Not Europe, not India or the Buddhist Asia. Some would say by mistake China, but China may be a strong competitor of US economic achievements, and Olympic medals, and may have different political system, but since the death of Mao Zedong its aim is to bring China as close to the US standard and way of life as possible. They don’t want to annihilate the US culture, they want to adopt it and enjoy its achievements. So if US wants to build military strength to protect its economic interest, better if it calculates the cost effectiveness of investment and change its policy accordingly. For example it can agree on long term economic cooperation in form of some kind of Pacific Union, (like European Union) and share its wealth with China. It will be less costly than the military built up. If not measured just by GDP,  US is more than five times richer than China in absolute terms and per capita 25 times. viz;

All is left from the potential enemies of US are the Muslim fanatics. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, out of it about 250 million Arabs, who happened to have or are having democratic revolution that brought pro Islam government in them. Pro Islam doesn’t mean military Islam, but it may become one. Let as assume that the most instable Muslim countries, that will include all the Arab states, Iran, some African Muslim states, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (we are speaking about more than half billion people), will become military Muslim countries, whose aim is not only to impose the Sharia law on their citizens, but to try to impose Islam and its undemocratic values on the whole world. This is a real strategic challenge, that rightly US has to prepare itself for. But are the new military planes for any use against this kind of threat? I am doubtful. Even if the Muslim fanatics take over the political leadership in all the mentioned countries, (a very improbable scenario), they will have no capacity to develop any new weaponry, but in the worst case they will be able to develop existing weapons of mass destruction, that were developed long time ago and ceased to be a military secret. And this what happens in Iran and Pakistan who are developing atomic capacity and all the other countries developing biological and chemical weapons.

I am not a military expert to advice how to cope with this kind of treat, but i do understand that the extra expensive planes have nothing to do with this threats.

  1. Thanks for share this excellent post with us is really interesting, keep up the good work


  2. Dear Patrice as answer to …..let me ask a question: what is the difference between “ideology” and “cultural differences”?

    The difference between Ideology and Culture is substantial. Haven’t you read Samuel P. Huntington’s Clash of civilization?
    From world wide perspective what exactly were the cultural differences between French and German, or even better English and and German. Even the Russians are close to the other Europeans compared to the post Soviet Muslim population. The best indication of cultural differences is the birth rate differences between this nations. Ideology as compared to it is a verbal structure of half truths, sometime logically connected, sometime even not, that is translated into political action. Usually ideology in its essence has some substantial esoteric or extraterrestrial half truth in its essence (or lie to be exact).


  3. Dear Patrice as answer to …..the four Prussian generals who plotted WWI, with the Kaiser (who was dropped by the plotters in the final phase, July 1914)

    Yes they were frightened by Russia. Its economic growth threatened the German economic dominant position. The conspiracy oriented communists would never admit that Russia has done quite a good economic progress after 1905.

    As to the German and French generals, there were all idiots, if they did not understand the fire power of the newly introduced machine guns in all the armies, sending against them unshielded infantry, causing death of million soldiers with in a week or so. Such a sacrifice made cease fire, or God forbid peace treaty unacceptable for both sides without political earthquake. But it took four more years and 9 million more deaths until the political earthquake came.

    I wonder sometime, aren’t we governed by same kind of idiots?


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