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After all it is not so bad with the US economy

by on 10/07/2012

After all it is not so bad with the US economy

At 31/12/2011 US had;

                                                          Trillion US$                                              % of GDP unless otherwise

1. GDP                                                          15

2. Inflation rate                                                                             3%

3. Long term Economic growth                                                 2%

4. Broad Money M1                                   12.14

5. Narrow money                                          1.94                      16% of the broad money

6. External Debt                                          14.7

7. Net stock of investment abroad             1.2

8. Public debt                                               10.35                    69%

9. National Debt (ND)                                 15

Out of it;

Fed and US government holdings             6.1

Foreign holders of US treasuries               5.0                      33%

10. Publicly traded stocks                              17.1

11. Current account deficit                              0.6

12. Estimated Asset Value of US, 100 trillion.

13. Population growth                                      0.9%

14. Total fertility rate                                        1.06 child per woman

Obviously US economy is still in very positive balance, with net assets exceeding the liabilities to foreign holders, economic growth and positive population balance. Above it probably its annual net asset value exceeds the annual additional debt accumulation. Even if the foreign investment into its treasury securities will stop, it could easily solve the problem by Federal Reserve open market operation. Yet US economy has to continue to create new investment opportunities, like the high tech and other public share companies, and probably again real estate. As to the continues trade and current account deficit, to solve it needs only political willingness.

  1. After writing it i found the following articles;

    If the US wealth asset value is 117 trillion dollars and the total gross domestic credit is about 35 trillion dollars, the US economy is not in such a bad shape after all. Still a lot of assets to sell 🙂


  2. After writing it i found the following articles;

    Click to access Moving-Beyond-GDP.pdf

    If the US asset value is 117 trillion dollars wealth and the total domestic credit is 33 trillion, the balance is not bad at all and there is still a lot to sell 🙂


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