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Rothschild against Napoleon and other fuhrers

by on 14/06/2012

Answer to PatriceAyme

I was impressed by most of what i read until now in your blog, but have to oppose you about the blame you put on Rothschild or any other banker, as a main cause of Napoleon war or other wars. Since when dictators, self nominated half Gods, and other “fuhrers”,considered economic calculation as relevant fro decision making? I do have to remain you that only at 1913, whole Europe thought that war is not possible, because of its huge economic cost. I don’t think you believe the communistic propaganda  about the capitalist making profit out of war.
Yet, you are right about the Plutocracy and its grab on the economy. But not only the financial elites are to be blamed, even if to my opinion its continues failure creating correct leadership  is the major cause of the economic disruption, we are witnessing today. And it did not started at 2008 or 2007. Already at 2002, when Enron went bankrupt,it was obvious that this bankruptcy is not just an other default but a default of a whole management system, where the real owners of the entities are disconnected from the decision making, and the self appointed financial and industrial barons paddle only for themselves. Yet the main blame is on the modern politicians, who are unqualified to do any creative activity of their own, (their only qualification is to stupefy the mobs with all their lies) and who feel that to be successful, they have to be close to those, who seem to be the elites independent on the mobs.
You wrote about Obama, When elected he knew, he has chance for one mayor legislative change, He could chose to change the financial system, or the health system. What  has he chosen? And he at least can differentiate his right from his left, what the previous president couldn’t?

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