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Is corporate power concentration endangering America?

by on 29/04/2012

I wouldn’t be so much worried about concentration of the wealth and economic influence in few hands if they get it because of excellence and innovation. No corporation can sustain its prime position in today’s world for long time, unless its product has this excellence. The very good example is Microsoft, that for years kept with Windows and Office his monopoly position in the world of personal computer programs. But then it put to much concentration on marketing tricks and too little to bring to the market a decent product and lost its leadership in innovation. Microsoft’s  product become the joke of the day, and it is practically non existing in any of the new developments like Smartphone, tablets, etc., that brought Apple, Facebook, Google and others to the front. Hopefully nobody ever will get in the position, that Microsoft used to have just few years ago, when he could force on costumers new products, that went from bad to worse, until they created a huge movement of experts despising them. Apple and Google got their position out of excellence, and let us hope, they will not follow the footsteps of Microsoft. What worries me more is the corporate management culture, what I call Enron Syndrome, where the leaders of the corporations are disconnected from the supervision of the owners and they act out of short term, egoistic interests and there is no one, who could restrain them in their lust.


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