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Historical sophism

by on 15/03/2012

Historical sophism

The Nazi – Communist phenomenon in Europe, that followed the first World War, was a two edge sword that stroke the continent. The first edge destroyed the social structure, annihilated the existing intellectual elites and broke the historical continuity. The second edge of the sword hit mortally the European conservatism as a political alternative.

Following the collapse of the purely European phenomena of Nazi and Communistic  criminal regimes,  Europe woke up like from a nightmare, loosing its faith in itself and its moral values.  It lost its position of intellectual and political  leadership of the world, and is now incapable to defend values it believes in, like Democracy, Cultural Pluralism, Human Rights, Environment. It subdue itself to the US leadership, even if  it disagrees with its policy, like in the issues of environment or the second Iraqi war, when Europe was dragged  unwillingly into US policy, without active participation in decision making. Its policy is divided between three leading countries, United Kingdom with its traditional pro US policy, France traditionally opposing US policy – but unable to influence the  world politic scenario because of its weakness and Germany with its policy of non engagement since WWII. Probably marginalization of Europe in the world political scenario wouldn’t be such a disaster, after what have they done to the world, if its cultural, political and social integrity wouldn’t be threatened by external waves washing its door steps. This waves come from neighboring societies that had chosen lately leadership that believes in governing according to religious codes. These political ideologies include the idea of believing in only one truth, believe that has to be without compromise imposed on the unbelievers.

The trial of renunciation of the external threat from religious fundamentalism is self destructive. Totalitarian beliefs never were, and never will be tolerant, pluralistic or liberal to other views, and the only way to pacify their followers is marginalize their  role in politics. It seems these totalitarian beliefs and ideologies, are very adaptable during the times of  weakness, when they temporarily withdraw from the center of the political scenery, but then when the storm passes and the new opportunity comes, they return and try to impose all their totalitarian dogmas again on the society.

If  Europe until recently could “trust” the corrupt Arab regimes, that they will do the work to suppress the fundamental followers of the religion, now after the revolution, the  fundamental followers of the religion had become the regime. It seems impossible to me, that the Arab states, with huge and growing population, that rightfully demand all the comfort the modernity can supply to them, can successfully govern the country, while their legal, social and political system will be based on fundamental religious ideology. The question is, what will happened, after the failure of these popularly chosen governments and where will be channeled the frustration of their people. Most probably towards Europe, their close neighbors, with whom they have historical enmity.

So the question is not if, but when it will all erupt and the big wave sweep Europe.

It is all right to be generous to different cultures, opinions, social and political systems, when you are sure, and your cultural political and social identity is not under the threat of annihilation. And what can Europe to do? Not to much. We saw when Nazi and Communistic regime treated Europe, how ineffective the liberal societies were, while fighting the total evil. If Hitler would not attack the other totalitarian evil (Stalin), probably in Western Europe would still be under a Nazi regime.

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