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Some History and an accurate prediction

by on 15/12/2010

History and an accurate prediction

The Nazi and communistic phenomenon was a two edge sword against European civilization . The first edge destroyed the social structure and historical continuity, together with it they murdered the elites (look at the German science, almost no Nobel price since WWII and I am not speaking about the Russians).

I am not complaining that they destroyed the pre-WWI political system. This ridiculous anachronistic kings and dictators, who prevailed and ruled Europe until 1918, had to go. (Look at the British royal family. Even Madonna or Michael Jackson are more respectable than them).

The second edge was the de-legitimization of any kind of conservative thinking and with it some legitimate values, like tribal belonging,  honor to cultural and family identity, feeling of belonging to social group you grow up with.

It is all right to be welcoming to different cultures, just make sure,  your culture identity, political and social structure yo have freely chosen is not going to be annihilation. It most be obvious by now, that  NO Monotheistic religious fundamentalism (Muslim, Christian or Jewish) is tolerant, liberal or democratic.

We saw during the Nazi and Communistic period how ineffective the liberal society was, while it had to fight the total evil based on some kind of religion or ideological fundamentalism. If Hitler would not attack Stalin the other totalitarian evil probably in Western Europe still would be a Nazi regime.

Europe enjoys a relatively calm political times, due to  the corrupt Arab regimes, which has no legitimacy what so ever. Do you believe this situation is sustainable for ever?  And remember, in these countries the population doubles every 20-30 years and the corrupt governments there give no chance to any natural economic, social and political development. So the question is not if but when it will all erupt, and when it will sweep Europe like a big hurricane, like it happened when the German tribes swept the Roman Empire. Then the barbarians did not adopt the more “advanced” more comfortable, more human Roman culture and political system. They destroyed it and started a new system from the beginning.  It just took them more than 1000 years until they came close to what the Romans had achieved. Not until the beginning of 19 century the science reached the sophistication of the science in the ancient Greece. The renaissance masters of late fifteen century started their creation by trying to imitate what they found in the Roman ruins, which they saw all around them. The dome of Florence was a minimized copy of the Pantheon of Rome, built in the second century et.c.

Conclusion; lets drop this subject, there are trends in the history, which are inevitable and  can’t be prevented, like the once I am describing to you, and there is no use to be upset our-self about them. Lets hope the tactical moves of European governments (like European parliament, European integration et.c.) will be helpful enough to sustain the existing order at least until we are here. As we says an old Hebrew saying; “After us???….. the floods.”

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