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Conspiracy Theoreticians

by on 30/10/2010

Conspiracy Theory is a mythological story, based on fiction or evil lie, with a very clear logical structure, so it seems truth to an ordinary human, who doesn’t take the effort to inquire the essence and the real intention of the conspiracy theoreticians

1. Innocent story tellers, who find out a good story, and try to distribute it among the people who are ready to listen to it. They also try to create followers who would try to spread the “good” story and make it their own as much as possible. As an example i would bring the CTs of the UFO kind of stories. At first it started with people who liked to make fun of others, like the students in England, who created on the wheat fields different circular structures during the night, which they exposed next day to the reporters. The boulevards loved the story, so it made world wide sensation and harmed nobody. Even after the students admitted they have done it and explained how they have done it, there are still many people, who insist the structures where caused by the UFOs.

How come that so many people insist to believe in the “UFO Mythology” in-spite of all the clear evidence? It seems to me, that most of the people have a need to believe in a story which gives them explanation how and by whom the world is managed. To those people who like to be managed, it gives feeling of security and belonging, while those that oppose any kind of management these theories rather irritate.

2. The second kind of CTs are conspirators themselves, who use conspiracy as a tool to advance their political aims. This kind of CTs are mostly individuals or organizations with clear political aim, which are mostly vicious. They try to distribute hatred against somebody or some group of people, make them the common enemy of those whom they want to join them, so they could upgrade their gang. Rousing hatred is the central tool of this CTs to create followers, and collaborators. The easiest way to create political grouping is by creating group of people who define themselves on negative terms, meaning “Who we are not” and “Who we hate”. Out of this later comes the “Who We are”. Conspiracy theory is a perfect tool to define whom we hate. As example we can bring the Nazi party. The Nazis first rewrote the German history, creating new mythology, in which they pointed on the hatted people,  the Jews, who according to their ideology mucked their identity and race. When they saw how successful it is to create story of hate to gain political power, they enlarged the groups of hated  people, like the homosexuals, and of course used the tools of annihilation against them and their political opponents.

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  1. Taylor permalink

    Hmm.. it’s pretty simple.. this is fact:

    “Conspiracy” = Crime (done by 2 or more parts, against 3rd part)

    “Conspiracy theory” Having a theory about 2 or more parts having done a crime towards a 3rd part

    So per definition, 1. It has to be something that breaks the law, 2. Two or more parts has to be involved.


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