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Elementary school

by on 05/04/2006

As to Physics teacher she was at least so dominant as Rosloznikova. They were an undividable pair of witches.  I will tell you a true story about Rosloznikova. She taught us mathematics, this you should remember.  One day she taught us the relations of line and circle. After what happened to us I perfectly remember this problem.  They are several forms in which the circle and the line can interrelate. All that forms where described in written formulas, which we were expected to memorize. Of course if you don’t understand what is behind those words it is almost impossible to memorize it, unless you are a kind of nut.  So the day came and our dear Rozloznikova called one child after the other to the board to recite this unique poetry. Of course none of us could do it. So not to give to all the class 5, what would probably make her ridiculous in front of her colleges, she gave us second chance to be ready for the next week, with a solemn promise to exam each of us. (I personally even after this nearly death threat could not memorize these verses). Anyway the day of destiny came and Rosloznikove stepped on the stage in here majestic way exposing all her heavy weight, and laconically, with a vicious smile on here ugly wrinkled old face she asked us, “ARE YOU READY???”. All of us frizzed to death, kept our breath. I still can see the pale faces like chalk of the whole class, except one of the boys, whose name I just cant recollect now, but who definitely was one of those peasant boys, who join our class from the six grade, and who was also one of the stupidest, (for sure in mathematics). He jumped out of his seat and shouted with joy, yes I am ready.  Rozloznikova, looked at him for a while, with additional doses of wickedness and contempt, slowly cumulating in here big breast all her hate and disgust, she ever felt to all the children she taught since very long time ago, and who only made here mad not understanding her perfectly presented formulas and whom she for all her life wanted to smash and crunch like some awful cockroach or other bug. Finely she turned to the boy and asked him, prolonging and emphasizing every word she was pronouncing “Yoooooouuuu? Are you sure yoooouuuu are ready?”  And the boy still not aware of the danger of the situation, with smile expresing his joy he felt from the thought, that he finally tricked her, by learning all the formulas by heart. So he jumped again out of his seat, rising his hand, shouting “yes, yes I am ready”, but immediately after that, he noticed Rozloznikovas face, illuminating her wickedness, and his cry has vanished together with his pinky smiley face, in which just few seconds ago two dimples dominated his face. But now his face skin became grayish, and instead of the dimples, two black deep spots appeared.  Then Rosloznikova hugging her enormous breasts, showing all her superiority, turned to him with ironic smile, and asked him to step on the stage with words  “o.k. so let us hear what do you really know”. The boy, couldn’t even open his mouth, not to speak about to give the right answer and Rosloznikova, after letting him suffer several more minutes, celebrated her victory with a joyful cry of, “you see you don’t know anything”.

To the boy it was devastating. Few weeks later, some girls from the class saw him pissing into the sink of the class. They run to Rozloznikova to get some positive point in their record and he was publicly humiliated again. I am not sure what was his reaction this time, but if I can recollect correctly, he never finished the elementary school.  Believe me I didn’t make it up.

As to the school i recollected an other picture. We were fighting in the class and i throw the sponge on Kugler, he bowed down so the sponge past his left ear and marked a wet spot on the wall. In the same moment when the sponge left my hands and aimed toward the head of Kugler, who as i told you skilfully bowed to prevent direct hit, the class door opened and the principle entered. If i recollect correctly, he was Rozloznikovas husband. Not surprisingly he was a very moderate calm man (after years of training from his wife, he had to be) but this time he lost his temper. My destiny was that he cached me throwing the sponge and staining the sacred walls of the school exactly at the moment when he entered the class with intention to give us lecture about the importance of keeping the assets of the school which were given to us by the socialistic society in a perfect state. So i was very useful example to him what that mean to act against the socialism, what are we supposed not to do and what punishment can we expect. So he hit me several times on my spine with all his might, (I am sure he regretted it latter, after all he was a good tempered man) but still he acted with all his might, which luckily to me wasn’t great.

abused pupil

abused pupil

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I am enjoying reading your blog. You are quite a good writer! I see which one is Kugler. Which one is you?


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